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We are the Oaks family of Findlay, Ohio and we're glad you've stopped by to see us today! This is a place for us to share our hobbies, interests and adventures with family, friends and anyone who happens to drop by. We update our site each month (give or take), so there's always something new to see. Feel free to kick back and explore for a while. Whenever you see a link on these pages highlighted in italics, that means it's one that will take you away from our site. Of course, we put them there for you to follow if you'd like but if you do, we hope you'll visit us again. To make it easy, just bookmark our site so you can drop by whenever you'd like. We'd also love to hear from all our visitors, so please take a moment to sign our guestbook or send us e-mail to let us know you were here. We hope you enjoy your visit!

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May 12, 2002
Happy Mother's Day! Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know it's been quite a while since I last updated this site, but hey... it is just a hobby, you know. We do have lots of new stuff to see on our site, though, so be sure to spend a while poking around. For those that are curious, things around here have been hectic but should be returning to normal (or as close to it as we come) soon. Kyra's in her last week of classes as she prepares for her real estate license exam and the boys are finishing up another fun soccer season. Me, I'm doing the same things I've always done... lounging around in front of the TV or playing with the computer. ;) Take care and God bless!
-- Chris

- As always, there are new pictures to see! Photos from Easter, April birthdays and the boys' Arts Festival are waiting for you.
- Take a trip back in time as Dustin's 3rd grade class visits The Little Red Schoolhouse
- More stuff to share on our Tidbits Page, just for fun!


March 24, 2002
Just a few new things to report this month. In a couple of weeks, Kyra begins classes to get her real estate license. When she's done, she already has a new job lined up. Her classes will keep all of us busy, as she'll be gone all weekend long for six weeks in a row. Easter is a week away, and we're having the whole family here for the holiday, so I'm sure there'll be plenty of photos of that gathering next month... but for now, check out what's new with our latest update! Thanks for dropping by and happy surfing!
-- Chris

- In the last couple of weeks, we've celebrated a few birthdays with friends and family! Join the celebration on our Pictures Page
- A fun game for kids and the CIA can be found on our Tidbits Page


February 24, 2002
Well, I'm at it again... changing this site around. As I learn new web tricks, and advance my knowledge of HTML and scripting, I'm trying to implement what I've learned on this site. So, in effect, you're all guinea pigs. It's funny, what started out as just a simple hobby has turned into something much more elaborate. But, hey, it's a lot of fun. Things around here have been quiet lately, so there's not much of an update to the site this month (other than the new look). I do have a favor to ask of everyone, though, if you don't mind. Some friends of ours have tried everything (and I do mean everything) over the last five years to have a child, with no luck... so they're now looking to adopt a baby. I put together a simple website to help them find a child looking for a loving home. If you could take a few minutes to visit, and tell your friends about it, it would really help in their search. These are two wonderful people who will make great parents, so any help would be appreciated. There's a link on the site to e-mail them, if you know of anybody who is considering putting a baby up for adoption. Thanks, and God bless!
-- Chris

- Now you can send us e-mail right from our website! Handy if you're visiting us on a public computer, or someplace where you don't have access to your regular e-mail account.

- Dustin wanted to share some of his pictures with you, so check them out on our Pictures Page
- Some words of advice for parents on our Tidbits Page
- Lots of new places to visit on our Links Page