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This website is hosted by Western Ohio Road Runner, our ISP. Because space for personal pages is limited on this server, pages must be moved off the main site from time to time. In order to keep those photos around longer for those that haven't seen them (or wish to view them again), we have moved the following pages to our archive.

An important note about archived pages. Because they are stored on the Yahoo! GeoCities network, you may see pop-up advertising when viewing them. I don't like ads on my site any more than you do, which is why I promise you there will be none on the main pages. But as far as the archives go, this is the only way to keep these pages around without re-writing monumental amounts of code (which I simply don't have the time to do).

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Our Family Christmas, 2002

Sunshine Day Care Christmas Program

Grady's 7th Birthday

Beggar's Night at Halloween

Trinity Lutheran Church Picnic

Downtown Bellefontaine Cruise Night

DeGraff Country Fair Parade

Our Family Pets

Del's Birthday (Kyra's Dad)

Ohio State Fair

The Oaks Family Gathering

Dustin's 9th Birthday Party

Grady's First Soccer Game

Findlay Hot Air Balloon Festival

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