These are a few of my favorite links...

All of these links will take you away from our site. If you follow them, I hope you'll visit us again soon!

First, here are some other sites on the 'net that I've designed...

Virtual Wedding Books

My wedding website design service

Trinity Lutheran Church

Our church's website

Top of Ohio Cruisers

Classic car club of Logan County, Ohio

Chris & Elaine Bauer's Adoption Page

Some friends of ours who want to adopt a baby


  • Games @ MSN Zone
      Got a little time to kill? Try some of these online games from MSN! Beware, many of them are addicting!

  • Classic Gaming
      Turn your computer into an Atari video game system and relive all your favorites, or download classic coin-op arcade games, like Asteroids and Pac-Man. Really, really cool!

  • Where's George?
      Ever wonder where those dollar bills in your pocket came from, or where they go once you spend them? Here's where you find out!

      Want to know what the people you went to high school with are up to now? The best features on this site are by subscription, but there's enough free stuff to make it worth a look.

  • The Internet Movie Database
      Everything you've ever wanted to know about every movie (or TV show) ever made. Literally.

  • Urban Legends Reference Pages
      Alligators in the sewers? Stolen kidneys for transplant operations? This site sets the record straight on many of these stories... and, yes, even confirms a few as well.

  • Roadside America
      The difinitive guide to America's greatest tourist traps and offbeat attractions.

  • eBay Items for Sale
      Check out the stuff that I have up for sale on eBay.

Other Personal & Family sites worth visiting

There are tons of personal and family homepages on the 'net, but these are the best we've found. All of them stand out for one reason or another, and are worth taking a look if you like "meeting" other special families from all over the country.

  • Bryon Moffitt's Page
      My sister Stephanie is in the road company of "Sesame Street Live", and gets to travel all over the country with the show. Bryon is a friend of hers, also in the show, and regularly updates this page with lots of photos of their adventures.

  • The Barnhart Family
      This family from Meridian, Idaho has a great site that's full of love. It also has some pretty cool graphics!

  • Jeanpete's Page
      These folks from Auburn, Washington share our love of traveling and seeing the country. I love families that take the time to show their kids that there's a big world outside their front door waiting to be discovered.

  • The Voorhis Family
      Fellow NASCAR fans from the Phoenix, Arizona area.

  • The Kane Family
      This Canadian family was nice enough to include our site on their links page, so here's one from us to them. Lots of links here, and a nice start on what's sure to be a very well-done page.

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