On May 6, 2002, Mrs. Lackey's third grade class at Liberty-Benton Elementary School took a trip to the Hancock County Historical Museum's Little Red Schoolhouse.

Originally built around 1880, the schoolhouse was restored in the 1970's with desks, books, maps and other materials genuine to the period of the late 19th Century.

Many area schools visit the Little Red Schoolhouse throughout the year to learn more about what life was like when their great-grandparents and great-great-grandparents went to school.



"On the field trip, we dressed like the teachers and students did in the 1880's, and did many of the same things they would have done."
school3 school2
"We had desks like they had, and studied lessons out of the same books."
school13 school5
"We even got to practice writing with quill pens and ink!"
school4 school6
Then it was time for lunch!



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