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Web Design that Works

Putting your business on the 'net brings you more. More name recognition, more authority in your field, more credibility, more customers. More of everything that matters.

We believe that a good website not only advertises the products or services you provide, it also provides information relating to those products or services that your customers and potential customers are looking for. For example, a realtor's website may provide mortgage calculators and house hunting suggestions. A photographer might share tips on how to take better personal snapshots. What sort of information should you include on your site? Just think of the questions customers ask when they need your expert advice.

Every day, more and more people are using the internet to gather information about the products and services they intend to purchase and to decide where to purchase those products and services. They're looking for you, and we can help you be there to find them.

In today's internet-information world, all types of organizations, groups and clubs can also benefit from having an internet presence. For recruiting new members, communicating with existing members, or promoting special events or fundraisers, your website can be as simple or elaborate as you want it to be. Don't know how to register your domain or set up your host server? No problem. We handle all that. Worried about the cost? No problem there, either. We can host your pages on our server to minimize the expense. Sound simple? It is. And it can be up and running in just a few weeks.

If you already have a website that needs to be updated or re-designed, we can do that as well. Even if the site was originally designed by someone else, we can add, change, rearrange, re-word, move, remove or improve it. Just tell us what you want done.

The cost of designing or re-designing a web site for your business, organization, group or club can be as little as $150 or as much as several thousand. This depends on how elaborate you want your site to be and how long it will take to construct. The good news is that most websites can be built affordably in stages, starting with the basics and adding features over several weeks, months, even years. All our sites are built with the idea of future expansion in mind. We're always happy to provide a quote based on your ideas and suggestions.

Use the links below to see examples of our work, then contact us and let us put you on the 'net!

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